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Christian Vizcarra
Christian Vizcarra

Peruvian Product Designer (UX/UI) focused on interactive experiences & mobile apps, christvizcarra@gmail.com

app, branding, design systems, interaction design, ios design, logo, mobile, motion, product design, ui, user experience (ux), user interface (ui), ux, ux design, web design, wireframe

  1. Onboarding screens for bitcoin cashback product ecommerce shop online shopping button ios tutorial cashback bitcoin startup product design interface interaction design red clean illustrations onboarding screens onboarding ux ui  ux ui
  2. Dribbble Meetup Lima Vol 3 designers design peru peru lima meetup dribbble meetup dribbbble
  3. Scooter App Concept Motion invisionstudio apple ios iphone detail page detail clean cards maps animation ui motion ux motion motion google maps map user experience ui scooter app filters
  4. Nike Store app concept - cards shoes cleaning button microinteraction interaction animation motion clean cards ui ecommerce user experience user interface ui ux invision studio invision concept cards store nike
  5. Furniture Ecommerce App Concept simple fullscreen furniture ios clean interface user experience user interface iphonex app interaction invision studio unsplash card design cards ui cards ui ux design ux ui design
  6. Furniture Ecommerce App Concept ui design cards design cards ios design invision studio app design ux design user interface ui ecommerce shop interface user experience interaction design app ux clean unsplash vr ecommerce furniture
  7. Minimal Furniture Cards Gallery Animation animation ios design app card design detail furniture clean motions ui design ux design user experience user interface iphone cards interaction ux motion motion uxui ux
  8. Scooter App Concept filters button map card cards blue sketch maping clean maps google tracking map uidesign uxdesign ux uiux ui scooters scooters ux scooter
  9. Like Button Animation - Press L ❤️ app user interface ux motion invisionstudio invision ui ux illustration likes clean cards ui motion motion design motion button animation heart button favorite button button like button favorite like
  10. Ecommerce App Concept clean blur user experience interaction design app user interface ux design ui design ux  ui cards ui product detail profile nike adidas shoes ecommerce vr cards ecommerce app ecommerce
  11. Furniture Social App Concept profile light dark ios interface user experience ui design clean illustration interaction design user interface ux design design app furniture app ikea furniture cards ux  ui ux ui
  12. Photography social app animation interaction design user interface ux challenge iphonex app animation app design social app photgraphy invisionstudio invision animation cards ux animation ui motion motion cards ui  ux design ux design ux ui  ux ui
  13. Coffeespace app, looking for a place to work invision studio interaction design clean iphonex iphonexs ios interface design app design rank app book app workspace coffee detail page cards map ux design ui desgin ux ui app
  14. Dark Landing Page Rewards Experience invision studio invision ui app photography web clean ui design design user experience interaction design startup website landing page ux ui
  15. Photography Social App details page social app photography app clean design app cards invisionstudio invision color grids ios interface ui design design app ux design user interface interaction design user experience ux ui
  16. 2018 Top4 Work uxui mobile typography clean web web design ios interaction design design ui design interface 2018 trends 2018 app ux design user interface ux user experience ui
  17. Training App Concept color dashboard statistics visual design user interface user experience ixda graphic cards motion training app mobile app product design interaction design interaction ui ux ux-ui uidesign
  18. The Design Project - Personal Challenge is live! clean ux designer startup illustration clean design product design website landing page user experience user interface the design project concept app concept web interface design interaction design ux ui design ux design ui  ux ui
  19. Track Package Ecommerce - UI Concept app interaction design typography ui design clean app interface visual technology ui  ux design clean ecommerce app map tracking app tracking checkout ecommerce user interface user experience ui  ux ui
  20. Shopping Using Augmented Reality - Daily UI challenge clean app app concept clean app design design app ios iphonex ux animation challenge interface ui design user interaction clean ecommerce shopping augmented reality app user interface user experience ux ui
  21. Chairfex, landing page website design proposal startup product ux graphic design animacion interaction clean app visual design userinterface user experience website banner web design ecommerce chair product design clean uidesign web design website landing page ui
  22. Wallet design app - credit card ui design design animation buttons bank shopping online sales dark ui button user card clean user experience user interface ios wallet app credit card ux  ui ux wallet
  23. Discovery Event App  - Daily Ui Challenge book event event detail home ux animation apple iphonex interaction visual design minimalist clean event map illustration interface design app interaction design user experience ux ui
  24. Gallery app, for sell/buy products - Daily UI Challenge visual ux daily challange ios apple minimal perfil photo iphonex gallery clean interface ui design design app user interface ux design interaction design user experience ui
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